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Call for Participants

CCCC 2017 Half-Day Workshop
Wednesday, March 15 from 9:00am until 12:30pm

Information Literacy and Intellectual Property in Writing Programs: Teaching Authorship, Citation, and Copyright beyond First-Year Writing

In this half-day workshop at CCCC 2017 in Portland, we’ll present scenarios, cases, considerations, and approaches for addressing information literacy and intellectual property in the context of writing programs (including certificates, minors, majors, and graduate programs).

Those of us who work in, teach for, and/or serve in administrative capacities in writing programs recognize that vertical curricula and programs pose significant intellectual and professional opportunities. We have an obligation not just to invite and welcome students into the world of writing studies, of rhetoric, and of composition, and into the research and practices that make us such a vibrant community, but also to best equip them with tools, techniques, and knowledge that carry into their professional worlds.

This workshop will engage participants in thinking about and working across two interrelated areas: information literacy and intellectual property. Information literacy practices are situated within ecologies and economies of production and circulation, and within complex social, cultural, economic, and legal contexts. At the center of writing and communication work in rich multimedia contexts are issues of authorship and ownership, which determine who writes, with what authority, with access to what information, and within which spaces.

In this workshop, we’ll talk about some key concepts, contexts, and cases for understanding information literacy and intellectual property practices within and beyond academia, including how we can best support student information literacy development for academia and for the professional world, how we might address complexities of citation and attribution practices within and beyond academia, and what sorts of copyright know-how students should leave writing programs with. Together, we’ll build nimble resources for participants to bring back to their institutions and their writing programs to integrate into their courses and curricula.

We hope you’ll join us!

Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Michigan State University
Alice Johnston Myatt, University of Mississippi
Jessica Reyman, Northern Illinois University



Feel free to contact Dànielle Nicole DeVoss (, Michigan State University).