Welcome to Transmediation
and the Digital Humanities

A web site created in AL 285: Introduction to the Digital Humanities at Michigan State University, Fall 2010.



Digital tools, technologies, and spaces have, in many ways, radically transformed the ways in which humanities scholars do their work. In other ways, however, digital tools, technologies, spaces haven’t yet had much of an impact.

In this web site, we specifically explore transmediation--the ways in which a media piece migrates from one medium to another (and thus perhaps from one audience to another, one context to another, and one purpose to another).

Each node on this web site presents a case of transmediation--with an introduction to the media piece; a summary and analysis of related media pieces; a discussion of what this case can tell us about transmediation; and links to examples, other materials, and/or citations.


Chelsea M., "The Golden Compass: A Transmedia Journey"

Shouka R., "SAW"

Parker W., "Reading 'The Wall'"

Anna C., "On The Road"

Eric H., "Lord of the Rings"

Kellie V., "Romeo and Juliet"

Kristin S., “Where is My Mind?”

Ashley M., "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Allegra S., "Harry Potter: From Text to Screen, and then Back Again"

Jaclyn Mc., "Twilight"

Megan K., "Twilight"

Alex R., "Twilight"